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Become a part of Vela Society and get access to training and tips that can be applied to all levels of cycling, from beginner to pro. 


All memberships include a free Vela Society Club kit as well as access to a network of athletes, mentors and riders training at all levels. Through monthly group rides and quarterly seminars, mentors provide training tips, fitness evaluations and nutritional advice. All members receive discounts on special edition kits and gear from our industry partners. Check out the full list of benefits below. 

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Member Benefits


Vela Society Membership Benefits

  • Network of athletes available for growth & support
  • Mentoring, training, fitness evaluations, conditioning tips and on-bike nutritional guidance
  • 4 group rides per month, structured workouts and bike skills classes
  • Learn to race in a group environment
  • Seminars on riding & racing skills, nutrition and equipment
  • Discounts on special edition kits and industry partners, including Verge Sports, R&A Cycles and more
  • resources and Strava club

Vela Training Benefits

In addition to the standard Vela Society Membership you’ll also receive the following:

  • Personalized coaching through a Training Peaks Coached account. Includes custom workouts that can be downloaded to Garmin or Zwift.
  • An annual training plan, complete with a peak schedule and racing calendar.
  • Metric Analysis and Performance Testing - includes power meter, heart rate, TSS, IF, Strava segments and more.
  • Individual coached rides to work on race strategies & tactics.
  • Twice Monthly Updates & Reviews
  • Nutritional plan with a focus on weight loss and blood-sugar stabilization. Learn how to organize your meals to fit your lifestyle. Includes a body composition analysis (weight, body fat% & more.)