Our Mission

No matter what level of cyclist you are, most of us want to get better at it. You may ride a lot, have tried training plans and even worked with a coach, but there is no substitute for being mentored and sharing experiences with others working towards the same goal....the mission of Vela Society. 

Learn to ride safer, commute by bike, lose weight & get in better shape, get faster, train better, race! Whatever your goals are, this is the community for you.


  • Athlete Network
    • Like minded society for growth & support
  • Mentoring
    • Training feedback
    • Fitness evaluation
    • Conditioning tips
    • On Bike Nutrition guidance
  • Weekly Group Rides
    • Structured Group Workouts
    • Bike Skills
    • Quarterly
      • Seminars
    • Discounts
      • Special Edition Kits
      • Industry Partners
    • Online
      • Vela.nyc resources
      • Strava Club