is USA Cycling competition team formed in 2018. Weekly training sessions will center around team riding fundamentals and a rigorous training program aimed at developing both the physical and mental skills of top riders. The team is invite only, but you can find out more through participation in our group rides or reach out to us!. 


Meet the Team


David Sommerville
Cat 1

Following his fathers footsteps, at age 6, David started his sporting career with competitive running. At 14, he picked up bike racing and has been hammering ever since.

He’s cranked out more than 200,000 miles with his fair share of victories, defeats, drops, flats, spills, thrills, & mishaps. A former USA Cycling Midwest Regional Assistant Coach, he’s raced all over the world and has tried out twice for USA Olympic Team.

After 27 seasons, 5+ consecutive years of daily racing and over 1800 race numbers pinned, he "retired*" from elite competition in 2012.

*One never to give up, recently started limited local racing in 2017.  

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Salvatore Scotto Divetta
Cat 1

Sal started riding at the age of 19 as way of recovering from an injury sustained wrestling in college.  Once recovered, he fell in love with cycling, left wrestling and pursued road racing at age 19.

He’s competed internationally for Baboco-Revor (Belgium) as teammate of 3 Time World Cyclocross Champion, Erwin Vervecken, participated in top level North America Events while gaining a wealth of tactical knowledge.


Eddie Burlem
Cat 3

Eddie has pedaled through 18 consecutive seasons of bike racing all while balancing family, non-racing friends and life.


Paul McCarthy
Cat 4

In 2013 Paul bought his first road bike. He started out as a commuter, then got into organized rides, GFNY, riding with the pelotons at Prospect Park and in 2017, at age 50, racing.

Paul finished top 5 in 6 of his 9 Cat 5 races and finished 4th in his second Cat 4 race. He is training with David with the goal of reaching Cat 3 this coming season.  

Paul is also a board certified Nutrition Coach and helping Vela Society athletes learn how important nutrition is to performing optimally. 

"It's not just what you eat before, during and after a workout or race that will help your perform better, it's how you eat all the time!"


Israel Carrasquillo
Cat 5

Trans-Tibial Amputee K4...One day I'll be Aero

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