Training Program

Whether you want to learn how to be a better rider, move up a category or simply lose a little weight; Vela Society has training programs that can be tailored to your needs. Structured around your schedule, learn training strategies and racing tactics used by the pros.

from 250.00

Maximize your success by getting one-on-one pro-level coaching from our elite cyclists. Work outs are completely tailored and customized to your needs. Coaches provide training regiments, racing strategies and tactics, recovery tips as well as a nutritional plan. Updates and reviews happen twice a week and there is at least one personal ride with the coach each month. 

Training Packages

Vela Training Benefits

In addition to the standard Vela Society Membership you’ll also receive the following:

  • Personalized coaching through a Training Peaks Coached account. Includes custom workouts that can be downloaded to Garmin or Zwift.

  • An annual training plan, complete with a peak schedule and racing calendar.

  • Metric Analysis and Performance Testing - includes power meter, heart rate, TSS, IF, Strava segments and more.

  • Individual coached rides to work on race strategies & tactics.

  • Twice Monthly Updates & Reviews

  • Nutritional plan with a focus on weight loss and blood-sugar stabilization. Learn how to organize your meals to fit your lifestyle. Includes a body composition analysis (weight, body fat% & more.)

from 150.00

Take your riding to the next level by getting personalized coaching that is customized to your schedule and goals. Learn training strategies, racing tactics and recovery methods through bi-monthly meetings and reviews. 

Training Packages



Need more help? We offer a wide range of assistance to help you achieve your goals!

from 50.00

25+ years of fit experience, from new riders, juniors, veterans to champions, the knowledge and resources available will dial your fit.


  • Pro Fit - All the bells and whistles - $250

  • Elite Fit - Need update or assurance your position is correct? - $150

  • Video Add-On - $100

  • Bike Match - Duplicate fit between bikes - $75

  • Cleat Position - The most overlooked part of fit! - $50

Raise my Saddle
from 15.00

Cycling nutrition isn't just about what you eat before, during and after a ride; it's how you eat all the time. To perform optimally you want to work towards getting in the best shape and health you can. Stop spending money trying to cut down the grams on your bike, and put a little of it towards your health.

Nutrition Services
Body Composition Analysis - $15
Meal Plan Review - $75
4 Week Program - $360
8 Week Program - $520

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I started racing, but my strategy to get better wasn’t working. After a single coaching session with David, I won my next race.
— Paul McCarthy - Co-founder Vela Society